Find the Best Ankle Braces for Basketball Today

Actively playing basketball can be a constant battle on the body. While the exercise is healthy, the constant wear and tear that the sport creates on the joints can be very damaging in the long run. Because of this reason, it is important to protect ourselves when we are participating in this popular sport.

When a person plays basketball, one of the most active parts of the body is the feet and ankles. The game is designed for a constant barrage of running, jumping and twisting our bodies to escape defenders. The ankles complete most of this work and are one of the first portions of the body that you should focus on protecting. One of the best ways to protect them is by wearing ankle braces for basketball.

Why are basketball ankle braces important?

One of the most common issues that a basketball player faces in regards to their ankles is a sprain. All the action that is completed in basketball happens from the ground up.  This means that all the running, changing directions, jumping and landing can easily put strain on the ligaments of the ankle.

These ligaments are the items that hold the ankle in place and if they become torn or ruptured, a basketball player will not be able to play the game that they love so much. It only takes a minor ankle injury to affect a person’s ability to play basketball, but an ankle brace for basketball can help protect these ligaments and keep players in the game.

When should you wear an Ankle Support?

When you are watching an NBA game played, you may notice that many players wear a brace of some sort. Many of these professional players make the decision to wear knee and/or basketball ankle braces at all times. Others only wear them when they have received an injury.

According to research that was conducted by the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health, it is estimated that young and adolescent basketball players who wear lace up ankle braces for ankle support see about 68% fewer injuries than players who do not wear ankle braces at all. Because of this research, the conclusion can be made that there really isn’t a time when you are playing basketball that an ankle brace is not a good idea.

What are the best Ankle Braces?

There are many different brands and styles of ankle braces for basketball to choose from and you may find that makes the decision is difficult. However, we have gathered together the top ten ankle braces and conducted the necessary research to help you determine which the best option for you is.

ASO Basketball Ankle Brace

aso orthosisThis ankle brace is used around the world and is one of the most popular brands available. It provides ankle support both medially and laterally and has a lace up design. This design can easily be adjusted, and it helps to lock the ankle in place. It is highly comfortable and easy to put on.

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Aso Ankle Brace with Plastic stays

For those who have recently had an ankle injury, this brace provides even more support by adding a removable plastic stay for additional support. Since this brand has been designed with comfort in mind, you can comfortably wear it all day with no issues.


mcdavid lightweight ankle braceMcDavid 199 Lightweight Ankle Brace

This style is very similar to the ASO version listed above. However, in place of the plastic stays, spring steel stays have been included instead, which allows for a bit more flexibility. It is lacking additional straps that are included with the ASO model, but some feel as though the straps are bulky and uncomfortable.

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Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace Review

Active Ankle T2 Brace ReviewThis is a great option for those who have suffered multiple ankle injuries and are looking for maximum ankle support. This brace helps to prevent injuries because it prevents unnatural movements by the ankle that can cause sprains.

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DonJoy Rocket Soc Ankle Brace

This option is best for those who have chronic ankle issues. It is also a version that laces up and has been designed to offer additional ankle support for the lateral portion of the ankle, which is the area that is most commonly sprained.


McDavid #195

One of the best aspects of this brace is that it is very comfortable. The straps that have been built into the design are perfect when looking to obtain additional support. This style offers a great deal of support, but is still flexible enough to be comfortable.


volt ankle braceVolt Ankle Brace

One of the complaints of other models of ankle braces is that they sometimes do not fit well in shoes. This model has been specifically designed to offer the same level of support, but without the bulkiness that comes with other models.

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Chameleon Active Ankle Brace

This model offers both strength and convenience. It has been designed in a U-shaped format that makes it lightweight and comfortable under any shoe. It is even approved for high performance situations and helps to prevent injuries from occurring.


TriLok Ankle Control Brace

TriLok has been specifically designed to help support tendons that may be weakened or damaged. It has a comfortable design that can help relieve a number of foot ailments on top of protecting from injuries, such as ankle sprains.


Malleoloc Ankle Brace

This ankle support brace has been specifically designed with sports in mind. It is comfortable to use for daily activities and can also be used to treat ankles that are instable or have chronic conditions.


Now you can choose the best ankle brace for basketball with confidence

Protecting your ankles when you are playing basketball is a very important way to avoid injury. The ankle support options above are some of the best on the market and depending on your specific needs, you should be able to choose one that will protect your ankles fully.

Whether you are a young athlete who is looking to begin a basketball career or are a seasoned pro that only spends a couple of weekends a month enjoying a game of basketball, it is advised to find an ankle brace for basketball. This is the best way to make sure that you stay healthy and injury free.